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John Saylor


3-time U.S. National Judo Champion
2-time Pan American Medalist
Coach of the U.S. National Training Squad at the Olympic Training Center (1983-90)
United States Judo Association Coach of the year (1987)
Director of Shingitai Jujitsu Association
Certified by World Famous Power Lifting and Speed-Strength Coach
Louie Simmons to teach the “West-Side Method of Training”

Saylor also holds black belt rankings in Ashihara Karate and jujitsu, and is a certified “Systema” (Russian Martial Art) instructor under former
“Spetsnaz” Russian Special Forces Operative and instructor,
Vladimir Vasiliev.

John Saylor Judo Champion


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Today he coaches submission wrestling, Shingitai Jujitsu, self-defense,Strength and Conditioning and mixed martial arts fighters at his
“Barn Of Truth Dojo” in Perrysville, Ohio.
John Saylor John Saylor John Saylor


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